A different “angle” on your Hiring – From Job Description through the Interview Process in as fast as TWO WEEKS!!


Dive into a collection of reviews from satisfied clients who have experienced the unparalleled commitment, efficiency, and personalized touch that define Hiring Angel.

Hiring Angel is simply the best. I have used them for many hires over the years and every hire has been an amazing fit with incredible skills. They have all brought so much to the company and our team is richer for it. Hiring Angel is super easy to work with. They are very responsive and their communication is top level. They will not disappoint! I highly recommend!

Taffy R.

General Manager/Owner, Bill Ragan Roofing

Hiring Angel has been amazing to work with! They found three team members for us over the last year…all of them outstanding people that have been able to excel with our company. As a small business owner wearing a lot of different hats, it has been so freeing to partner with them and trust them with the majority of the hiring process. I won’t hire again without them, and highly recommend them to all the other small business owners I know!

Sharon G.

Owner, Veracity Medical Billing

Angel and whole team are the greatest! She helped us find and hire the PERFECT employee for a position we were looking to fill for a LONG time. I love the detailed interview process, reference checking and video of interviews she sent to me for final candidates. Saved me TONS of time and stress! DON’T go with a big cookie cutter recruiting firm, who sends you TONS of candidates who aren’t what you’re looking for, AT ALL! Go with someone like Angel who truly LISTENS to understand EXACTLY what YOU, as her client, wants. Thanks specifically to Angel and Jodi for the incredible dedication to their jobs!

Dr. Scott and Donna S.

Owner, Dr. Scott's Restorative Health

5 Stars! I appreciated Angel’s diligence and discernment in the two hires for our company. She has really lived up to her name.

Shannon D.

Owner, DAS Billing Services

Using Angel and her team saved us many hours of time we would have spent searching through resumes and spending time we really didn’t have. It was a great investment…

Heath A.

Founder/President, Aldrich Web Solutions, Inc.

Need help Hiring?

Angel and her team are probably the answer you are looking for! I have worked with Angel and her team at two different companies. In both cases, they were a tremendous asset and helped us find and move people through the hiring process.

They went out and found quality candidates, as well as managed our hiring process. They weeded out all of the non-serious and non-qualified applicants, so I only had to speak with real, qualified candidates! The best part is they are flexible in their offerings and tailor solutions to match our needs. The needs were different for both of the companies I worked at, and I had them help us, so that was a real benefit!

The professionalism and timeliness in dealing with our prospects is of utmost importance to us, as we felt that was a reflection on our company. Angel and her team delivered, and our prospects appreciated the quick turnaround they were able to get, along with the smiling, happy people they interacted with.

Thanks to Angel and her team, we are currently staffed, but I do look forward to working with them again in the future!

Lyle B.

Director of People & Culture, Contexture

Angel saved us time and quickly found the perfect candidate for our office admin position. She listened to what we needed and came up with her own questions as well, which really narrowed down the pool of candidates. This was all done remotely from another state! Thank you Angel!!

Jessica G.

Owner, Gillette Sewer & Utility

Hiring Angel has been one of the best business decisions our company has made over the past 6 months. Angel and her team have completely streamlined our hiring process, which allows me the time and energy to focus on top-tier candidates looking to join our teams. With Hiring Angel’s help, we have hired two new team members in the past 3 months, and I look forward to working with them time and time again!

Jake D.

President of ISSCO, Inc. and BTM Manufacturing

Hiring Angel and Angel Lebak are the best! She was able to locate a rock star team member for my office who was moving to my area. I did not have to wade through numerous applications or work through any of the preliminary steps of the hiring process. In fact, I was out of town while that was going on! Don’t get stressed out while looking for your next superstar. Use Hiring Angel to bring you 2 or 3 top candidates to choose from! Highly recommend. 

Kathy T.

General Manager, At Your Service Plumbing

The Hiring Angel team is on the ball and dedicated to finding the right candidates keeping your recruiting and interviewing data organized, and saving you valuable time.😊

Sandy S.

President, Alliance Environmental Group, Inc.

The Hiring Angel team is fabulous to work with. Great experience from job ad to final step with the candidates. All the candidates’ information is well organized and easy to read/obtain. They take away the stress of filtering through resumes and trying to find the right candidate for the position—a pleasure to work with.

Jordan S.

Owner, Stanlake Services

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Hiring Angel on multiple hires over the last 18 months, and we envision including them in our hiring process for the foreseeable future. Hiring Angel is easy to work with, good at what they do, and they’ve saved us time and resources each time we’ve worked with them. The benefits of working with them have been endless!

Daniel G.

Owner, Wally's Precision Auto Care

The entire team of Hiring Angel has been top-notch! We were looking for three positions & were fortunate to find rock stars for two out of the three positions! We chose not to look for the third position after finding these two. From start to finish, I have been pleased with the communication, attention to detail, & willingness to do whatever is necessary to find the best hire. We will use Hiring Angel for any hiring needs in the future!

Renee A.

President/General Manager, Classic Plumbing Solutions

Angel and her amazing team of “magical unicorn catchers” found exactly the team members we were looking for. The communication was OUTSTANDING! We are so grateful they were able to help us fill both of our positions so quickly, especially in a fast paced/competitive job market.

Kellie P.

Owner, A-Team Construction